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Club Stroke Results - Sunday 18th August

1st Rory Smyth nett 68 (back six)

2nd Christopher Lester nett 68 (back nine)

Category 1

1st Ian Beaddie nett 69 (back nine)

2nd Michael Cullen nett 69

Category 2

1st Daryl Lawson nett 68

2nd Ian Ritchie nett 70

Category 3

1st Andrew McBurney nett 69

2nd Christopher Crowe nett 70

Best Gross: Philip Kelly gross 70


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Competitions Convenor 2019

August Medal Results - Saturday 17th August

Sponsored by: Gerard Byrne Tyres

1st Gary Lappin nett 65 (back three)

2nd Philip Kelly nett 65

Category 1

1st Brendan Powell nett 68 (back nine)

2nd Gareth Reilly nett 68 (back nine)

Category 2

1st Geoffrey McCarten nett 68 (back nine)

2nd Martin Murphy nett 68

Category 3

1st Dwayne Houston nett 71

2nd Paul Hughes nett 72


Competitions Convenor 2019

County Armagh Golf Club’s competitive action on 7 July was generously supported by McAnenly Transport Ltd, and it was Ally Dodds who returned home with the precious cargo of tournament victory.

The Connolly Cup completed the trio of gross tournaments contested at County Armagh Golf Club on 6 July, and it was Thomas Crowe who reached the summit of the 19+ handicap leaderboard with a tremendous 82-shot offering.

Open Stableford Results

1st Jarlath McReynolds 41pts

2nd Thomas Murray 40pts

3rd Dean Chambers 39pts (back six)


Senior Open Stableford Results

1st Kieran Beagan 40pts

2nd John Daglish 37pts


Over 65s Competition

1st Michael Macklin 37pts (back nine)

2nd Dermot O'Neill 37pts


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Competitions Convenor 2019

More than 100 players went off in search of Webster Cup acclaim at County Armagh Golf Club on 6 July, but it was Jamie Calvert who returned with the spoils by virtue of an impressive nine-over-par outing.

Although his reverse namesake, Lee Stewart, has generated more column inches in the past couple of seasons, Stuart Lee has remained a consistent operator at County Armagh Golf Club for more than 20 years now.

From this Wednesday 14 August, the Competitions Committee will be trialling a new competition for over-65s, which will be played off the green markers.