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Club Stroke Results - Saturday 8th August

1st Keith Stewart nett 63

2nd Mark Shannon nett 65

Category 1

1st Jarlath McReynolds nett 66

2nd John Maguire nett 67

Category 2

1st Brendan O'Hea nett 66

2nd Christopher Lester nett 67 (back nine)

Category 3

1st Barry Lappin nett 67

2nd Brendan Lynch nett 69 (back nine)


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Competitions Convenor 2020

County Armagh Golf Club's over-65s competed once again for the Arthur Mayne Cup on 2 August, when the annual event was generously backed by Rumour Cafe.

As its title might suggest, County Armagh Golf Club’s Half Century Cup is battled for by those whose 50th birthday has been and gone. Emerging victorious from this experienced coterie in a tournament sponsored by Rumour Cafe on 2 August was Neil Linton.

The Lonsdale Cup represents one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the County Armagh Golf Club calendar. With an August position on this term’s fixture list rather than its usual slot of early June, members had to wait with bated breath for that little bit longer.

For obvious reasons, the commencement of the various inter-club matchplay tournaments has been delayed this season and, indeed, many will not happen at all.

Half Century Cup/Arthur Mayne Cup & Club Stableford Results - Sunday 2nd August

Sponsored by: Rumour Cafe

Half Century Cup

1st Neil Linton 40pts

2nd Martin Grimley 39pts (back nine)

3rd Stephen Catterall 39pts

Arthur Mayne Cup

1st Patrick Quinn 40pts

2nd Noel Loye 36pts

Club Stableford

1st Martin Gill 42pts

2nd James Nesbitt 39pts

3rd Joe Rooney 38pts (back nine)


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Competition Convenor 2020

Lonsdale Cup Results - Saturday 1st August

Sponsored by: Armagh City Hotel

1st Richard Black nett 65 (back nine)

2nd Paul Donnelly nett 65 (back nine)

3rd Bill McAtavey nett 65 (back nine)

4th Bernard Grimley nett 65 (back nine)

5th Gerard Cullen nett 66

6th Stephen Miller nett 67 (back nine)

7th Patrick Burns nett 67 (back six)


1st Mark Loughran gross 73 (back six)

2nd Jerome Leer gross 73 (back nine)


Prizes have been credited to Pro Shop Account

Competition Convenor 2020

One-hundred-and-sixty-eight players contested a stableford competition at County Armagh Golf Club on 25 July but no one could match the heroics of winner, Roger Duggan.

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