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Woods/Webster/Connolly Cups Results - Saturday 4th July

Sponsored by: McAnenly Transport


Woods Cup (6-9)

1st Nathan Grimley gross 73

2nd Rory Smyth gross 74 (back nine)


Webster Cup (10-18)

1st Stephen Moloney gross 75

2nd Martin McClelland gross 76

Best Nett: Paddy Smyth nett 64


Connolly Cup (19+)

1st Martin Moan gross 82

2nd Barry Lappin gross 90

Best Nett: Noel Conn nett 70


0-5 Handicap

1st Adam Cromwell gross 67


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Competition Convenor 2020

With County Armagh Golf Club's June Medal generously supported by Johnston's Bakery once again, Gabriel McElveen was able to savour the sweet taste of tournament success. 

County Armagh Golf Club’s immaculate course was a hive of (socially distanced) activity on 27 June as members belatedly contested the season’s first silverware offering, namely the Bumblebee Cup sponsored by Armagh Potato Company.

Seniors Competition Results

1st Richard Black 42pts

2nd Niall McGeown 40pts

3rd Brian Liddy 38pts (back nine)


Wednesday Competition Results

1st Stephen Monaghan 41pts (back nine)

2nd Barry McGurgan 41pts

3rd Aaron Wright 40pts


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Competition Convenor 2020

June Medal Results - Sunday 28th June

Sponsored by: Johnston's Bakery

1st Gabriel McElveen nett 64

2nd Christopher Crowe nett 65

Category 1

1st Barry McGurgan nett 67

2nd Caolan McReynolds nett 69

Category 2

1st Danny McGee nett 66 (back nine)

2nd Tomas McElmeel nett 66

Category 3

1st Chris Hart nett 70 (back nine)

2nd Gary Hughes nett 70

Gross: Lee Stewart gross 76


Prizes will be credited to Pro Shop Account

Competition Convenor 2020 

Bumblebee Cup - Sponsored by: Armagh Potato Company

Saturday 27th June

1st Derek McKeever nett 64

2nd George Bradshaw nett 66 (back six)

Category 1

1st Paul Doyle nett 66

2nd John Vernon nett 67

Category 2

1st Aaron Wright nett 68

2nd Ciaran McCreesh nett 69

Category 3

1st Luke Crozier nett 68

2nd Brendan Lynch nett 69


Competitions Convenor 2020

County Armagh Golf Club’s proper 2020 season got belatedly under way only recently but, with the on-course action now coming thick and fast, it almost feels like we were never away.

Since the welcome return of qualifying competition at County Armagh Golf in the past fortnight, members have certainly proven that they retained their playing skills during the enforced lockdown hiatus.

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