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July Medal Results - Sunday 26th July

Sponsored by: Alexander Mills

1st John Lowe nett 63

2nd Paul McCurry nett 64

Category 1

1st Stewart Hall nett 65

2nd William Knipe nett 66

Category 2

1st Andrew McBurney nett 65

2nd Gavin McElmeel nett 66

Category 3

1st Connor Mallon nett 68 (back nine)

2nd Seamus Toner nett 68 (back nine)


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Competitions Convenor 2020

Club Stableford Reults - Saturday 25th July

Sponsored by: Irwin Aggregates

1st Roger Duggan 43pts

2nd Stewart Stevenson 40pts (back nine)

Category 1

1st Anthony Conlon 40pts (back nine)

2nd Kris Calvert 40pts

Category 2

1st Geoffrey McCarten 38pts (back nine)

2nd Michael Wasson 38pts

Category 3

1st Anthony Mone 40pts

2nd David Spratt 37pts

Gross: Philip Kelly 38pts 


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Competition Convenor 2020

County Armagh Golf Club’s recent Bankers Cup tournament was sponsored by Gary McCourt Financial Solutions, and it was Shea Smyth who made all the correct on-course calculations. On 19 July, Smyth carded a stunning three-under-par gross 67 to carry off the coveted silverware and clip his handicap from four to three.

Seniors Competition Results

1st David Grimley 40pts

2nd Kieran Grimley 38pts (back 9)

3rd Richard Stewart 38pts


Wednesday Competition Results

1st Barry Lappin 43pts

2nd Andrew Allen 41pts

3rd Kevin Smyth 40pts


Over 70s Competition

1st Brendan Beagan 40pts


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Competition Convenor 2020

Anthony Conlon was a most popular winner of the PGA Tankard at County Armagh Golf Club on 18 July, when he finished a comfortable three shots clear of the 193-man chasing pack.

Bankers Cup Results - Sunday 19th July

Sponsored by: Gary McCourt Financial Solutions

1st Shea Smyth nett 63

2nd Adam Cromwell nett 67 (back six)

Category 1

1st John Maguire nett 67 (back nine)

2nd Oliver Connell nett 67

Category 2

1st Aaron Wright nett 67

2nd Lee Kirrane nett 68

Category 3

1st Dermot Hicks nett 68

2nd Chris Hart nett 70


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Competition Convenor 2020

PGA Tankard Results - Saturday 18th July

1st Anthony Conlon 43pts

2nd David Agnew 40pts (back nine)

Category 1

1st Martin Gill 40pts

2nd Philip Kelly 38pts (back nine)

Category 2

1st David Spratt 39pts

2nd Tommy Mackin 38pts (back nine)

Category 3

1st Malachy McSorley 40pts

2nd Nicholas Currie 39pts


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Competition Convenor 2020

The historic Hirsch Cup is the Swiss Ladies Open Championship trophy, which was won by County Armagh's most celebrated lady golfer, Maisie Hirsch, before she donated it to the club in 1938.

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