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C P McNabb Results - Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th April

1st Ryan Runnette 42pts

2nd Paul Traynor 41pts (back nine)

Category 1

1st John Maguire 40pts (back six)

2nd Stewart Hall 40pts (back nine)

Category 2

1st Ian Ritchie 40pts

2nd Rodney Lynas 40pts

Category 3

1st Gerard Cullen 41pts

2nd Jarlath Hagan 40pts


Prizegiving will be @8:30pm Friday 12th April.  Prize winners are requested to attend.

Competition Convenor 2019

In the latest round of early-season shadow-boxing, County Armagh Golf club continued its long-standing association with Northern Ireland Chest, Heart and Stroke with a two-day stableford event on 30 and 31 March.


And reaching the leaderboard summit on this chilly but pleasingly dry weekend was Eamon Connolly, who heated up proceedings with a blistering 44-point Saturday showing.

Chest, Heart & Stroke Results - Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st March

1st Eamon Connolly 44pts

2nd Dermot O'Neill 43pts (back nine)

Category 1

1st Brian Loney 43pts

2nd Tom Fox 42pts

Category 2

1st Ian Ritchie 42pts

2nd Martin Carson 41pts (back nine)

Category 3

1st Patrick Hughes 40pts

2nd Leo McCann 39pts


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Competitions Convenor 2019

Hopes of play at County Armagh Golf Club over the St Patrick's Day weekend were scuppered by wretched, miserable weather. And in any case, any on-course action would likely have been overshadowed by the coinciding re-opening of the superbly refurbished clubhouse bar and restaurant.

However, the hackers and the heroes, the wonder-kids and the all-too-experienced did return to the hallowed city fairways a week later, when Ian Ritchie topped the pile in a Club Stableford event.

The two-day nature of competitive proceedings on 23-24 March offered everyone a couple of bites at the prizewinning cherry, as each player's best weekend performance would be considered in the final reckoning. But Ian's 46-point Saturday super-show proved without compare.

The off-season circumstances of green markers and preferred lies obviously aid scoring, but good numbers still come necessarily hard-earned at this time of year.

In that regard, a birdie at the 9th concluded Ritchie's bountiful 23-point outward haul, before the same hefty total on the back nine confirmed both stableford victory and the 16-handicapper's rust-free status despite the winter hiatus.


Ian's closest challenger was Paddy Digby, whose tremendous gross 69 featured birdies at the 3rd, 7th and 15th. The accruing 44 points saw Digby deservedly take his place in the weekend's overall runner-up berth.

Club Stableford Results - Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th March

1st Ian Ritchie 46pts

2nd Paddy Digby 44pts

Category 1

1st Brian Loney 42pts (back nine)

2nd David Leeman 42pts (back nine)

Category 2

1st David Grimley 41pts (back six)

2nd William Knipe 41pts (back nine)

Category 3

1st Dermot O'Neill 42pts

2nd Francis Smyth 41pts


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Competitions Convenor 2019

Overall Results - Spring League 2019

1st Gary McCourt 131pts

2nd Ian Ritchie 130pts (last card)

3rd Christopher Lester 130pts

4th Paul McCurry 127pts

5th Michael Cullen 126pts (last card)


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Competition Convenor 2019

Spring League Week 6 - Results:

1st Gary McCourt 35pts (back nine)

2nd Bernard Grimley 35pts

Category 1

1st Paul McCurry 33pts (back six)

2nd Ian Millar 33pts 

Category 2

1st Kieran McClelland 33pts

2nd Ian Ritchie 32pts (back nine)

Category 3

1st John Daglish 34pts

2nd Sean Gribben 33pts (back nine) 


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Competition Convenor 2019

Spring League Week 5 - Results

1st Oliver Connell 35pts

2nd Tomas McElmeel 34pts (back nine)

Category 1

1st Nathan Grimley 34pts (back nine)

2nd Paul McCurry 34pts

Category 2

1st Kieran Campbell 33pts (back three)

2nd Paul McCreesh 33pts

Category 3

1st David Spratt 33pts

2nd Charles Johnston 31pts (back nine)


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Competitions Convenor 2019