Hello and Happy Easter to All

I must say that the first 3 months have been some of the quickest months in my memory given the responsibilities of being your Captain. I often heard that time flies when you're having fun, it has certainly been a most enjoyable and rewarding experience so far.

With the clocks moving forward and the extra light in the evenings it gives us a welcome boost coming into spring and the start of our golfing season and hopefully we can get some decent weather, as of late all provincial clubs have been struggling with the conditions to get courses open.


The short game academy is nearly ready for opening and the work has been completed around the first, it gives an excellent aesthetic look to our club at first glance for those first to see. An excellent addition to our club and great work by all within the Development committee and in particular Colm Shannon our chairman for guiding us towards completion to Kenny Edgar for completing a lot of work in short notice and having to work to tight timelines, also to Stewart Stevenson our Hon Treasurer and Dougie Somerville ensuring sports grant NI was sought and received, as a note the Grant was project specific and had to be for the purpose of all the work around the first.

With team captains getting panels ready for the big off both All Ireland and Cowdy, I would recommend to all members, have a go at competing as it’s one of the golfing commitments that you will experience and take forward in your memories at County Armagh Golf Club.

Use the generic email link sent out by Nathan to log your interest.

Below are the different Teams and handicap range

All Ireland

            1.         Barton Shield (Scratch)

            2.         Senior Cup (Scratch)

            3.         Junior Cup (No lower than 2.5 in 2023)

            4.         Pierce Purcell ( Age Over 18 and no lower than 10.5 in 2023)

            5.         Jimmy Bruen ( No lower than 3.5 in 2023)

            6.         Ulster Cup (Age Over 30 and no lower than 9.5 in 2023)

            7.         Irish Mixed Foursomes (Combined no lower than 19)


            1.         Senior Cowdy (8 and below)

            2.         Junior Cowdy (Age over 20 18-28 handicap range)

            3.         Sam Rutherford ( no less than 6 combined 17 on the day no age limit)

            4.         Rossmore (Age over 20 12-19 handicap range)

Having played in 9 different teams myself it’s been great, the friendships and rivalries along with great stories to match that I have built over the last 30 years.

After liaison with John White and consultation with Golf Ireland we have secured a golf rules night date on Wednesday 10th April 7:30pm when the rules roadshow will come to our club and carry out a presentation evening which I think will be beneficial to all. I can only encourage you to come and participate.

So now time to get your kit ready for our first qualifier that’s not to far away and hopefully again the weather will improve. Hard work continues from our greens staff to try and get the course into some sort of decent playable condition, thanks to all.

On a final note, I’m pleased to announce that a Governance committee has been set up to address club constitutional issues and rule changes, as part of our continued commitment to reach our end goal of one club status for all.

Note all rule or constitutional changes must go through member approval before inception

Your Captain