Sixty-Two ladies competed in the Eileen Steenson Memorial Competition at Co Armagh Golf Club on Thursday 18 June with a further 20 ladies playing in the 9 hole competition. The competition standard scratch was 70. In the 18 hole competition Joy Steenson claimed first place with a fabulous 41 pts, beating Michelle Kinane, also with 41 pts, into second place. Mary Black was third with 40 pts. The remaining prize winners were:

Cat A – Colette McSorley 37 pts Cat B – Colette McAleavey 40 pts Cat C – Sylvia Ashe 36 pts Cat D – Grace Hart 38 pts

Jacqueline Kelly won the Front 9 with 21 pts and Anne O’Reilly won the Back 9 also with 21 pts.

There were birdies for Carina Oliver at the 1st, Colette McSorley at the 5th and 12th, Gail Steed at the 6th, Paula McCrory at the 8th; Ellen Brady at the 12th and June Humphries at the 16th. The only 2 of the day was recorded by Emma Garrigan at the 3rd.

The 9 hole competition was won by Gemma Rice with a fantastic 24 pts, Rea Haughey was second with 21 pts and Toni McManus third with 20 pts.

The weekly Time for Nine competition was won by Alexandra Mawhinney with 21 pts and Katherine Steenson was second with 20 pts.

The handicap cuts were Alexandra Mawhinney 10-9.2, Katherine Steenson 22-21.3, Gemma Rice 29-26.4, Rea Haughey 27-25.6, Joy Steenson 34-32.3, Michelle Kinane 22-20.1, Mary Black 13-12.2 and Colette McAleavey 19-17.7.

Accounts were credited in the Pro Shop.

The top sixteen qualified for the Eileen Steenson Memorial Bowl match play competition with the draw as follows:

Colette McSorley v Paula McCrory Carina Oliver v Grace Hart Michelle Kinane v Sylvia Ashe Mary Black v Joy Steenson Anne O’Reilly v Anne Attwell Bernie McBride v Julie McCarten Colette McAleavey v Gillian Poole Pauline Gingles v Brigid McEneaney

Matches to be completed by 13 July 2020.