Co Armagh Golf Club Junior Girls’ Annual Prizegiving took place on Thursday 7 November.

Previously presented:

Junior Girls’ Open Cup                        Lauryn McKeown

Junior Captain’s Day Cup                    Aoife Lennon

The remaining winners for 2019, presented at the annual prizegiving, were:

Armaghdale Cups

Junior Cup                                            Lauryn McKeown

Senior Cup                                            Kaitlyn Leeman

Brendan Oliver Shields

Junior                                                   Rebecca Rafferty

Senior                                                   Eimear McSorley

Johnston Cups

Junior                                                   Lauryn McKeown

Senior                                                   Anna Jennings

Apple Blossom Cup                             Aoife Lennon

Millennium Shield                                Lucy Diffin

Dungarvan Trophy                               Aoife Lennon

Convenor’s Perpetual Award               Anna Carson

Convenor’s Annual Award                  Yasmin Monaghan

Attendance Prize                                 Lauryn McKeown

Special Prizes                                      Ava Powell & Emily McKenna

Obelisk Cup for Golfer of the Year      Lauryn McKeown

Following prizegiving the Junior Girls enjoyed a meal together.

Back L-R: Helen McLaughlin and Maura McCreesh
3rd Row L-R: Anna Jennings, Aoife Lennon, Yasmin Monaghan and Junior Girls’ Captain Lauryn McKeown
2nd Row L-R: Rebecca Rafferty, Ava Powell, Lucy Diffin and Kaitlyn Leeman
and Front L-R: Junior Girls’ Convenor Sylvia Ashe, Anna Carson, Eimear McSorley, Lady Captain Moya Brady and Bee Gordon

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Co Armagh Junior Girls’ Golfer of the Year, Lauryn McKeown with Lady Captain Moya Brady

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