With the return of golf imminent, below are some directives to ensure that we can all play the game safely. These are instructions laid down by the GUI and must be adhered to.

We have been given a chance to play golf again. Please respect the rules and don’t spoil it for yourself or others. Take care and enjoy yourselves.

  1. You must pre-book a time on the club timesheet (either by phone or online) to be able to play on any given day, including after ‪6pm‬.

  2. If you are not on the timesheet, you should not be on the course at any time.

  3. For the moment, golf is restricted to members only. You must have paid your membership fees to have access to the time sheet.

  4. The practice area is closed.

  5. Golf will be in 3-balls only and at 14-minute intervals.

  6. Bunkers will be in play but there will be no rakes. Lift clean and place your ball, and smooth the bunker after you play with your foot/club.

  7. Do not use ball washers, touch the flags or use the seats on the course.

  8. Do not use bins. Please take your rubbish home with you.

  9. At this stage, for weekend golf, you may only pre-book either Saturday or Sunday.

  10. Do not arrive at the course more than 15 minutes before your tee-time.

  11. Observe social distancing in the car-park and on the putting green (max 3 people at a time on the putting green).

  12. Do not arrive at the 1st tee more than 5 minutes before your tee-time.

  13. Before golf begins, you must retrieve your clubs and trolley from the locker room. There will be no access to the clubhouse once golf returns.

  14. Observe social distancing on the course at all times. Social distancing means 2 metres.

  15. Do not enter the next teeing ground until the group in front has exited.

  16. Do not exchange food, drink or equipment during your round. Do not lift your partner’s golf club or ball. Do not lift any golf balls you may find on the course.

  17. After completing your round, return to your car and leave asap.

  18. The gates will be closed promptly ‪at 10pm‬ each evening. You must have left the course and car park by then.

  19. Juveniles must be accompanied by an adult at all times (this can be a non-playing adult).

  20. For the initial phase of golf, the clubhouse, locker-rooms and toilet facilities will remain closed.

  21. For added enjoyment of your round, it is suggested you use toilet facilities at home beforehand.

  22. You may wish to bring your own hydration/food and sanitiser, however the Proshop will be open to provide a service to members.

  23. Please observe social distancing inside and outside the shop. Social distancing means 2 metres at all times.