Thirty-eight ladies competed in the Ellie Mayne Stableford competition on 20 August. The competition standard scratch was 70.

Colette McSorley won the competition with 42 pts, Maggie McKee was second with 38 pts and Teresa McVeigh was 3rd with 37 pts.
The remaining prize winners were:

Cat A – Emma Garrigan 36 pts
Cat B – Pauline Gingles 32 pts
Cat C – Lynne Brown 35 pts
Cat D – Bernie McBride 35 pts

Front 9 – Bernie Rice 17 pts beating Denise Murphy, Vera Ellingham, Donna Carolan and Helen McLaughlin on the countback
Back 9 – Siobhan Donnelly 20 pts

Ellen Brady recorded the only birdie at the 6th. Twos were recorded by Gail Steed at the 3rd, Teresa McVeigh at the 7th, Colette McSorley at the 9th and Ellen Brady and Pauline Gingles at the 11th.

A further 7 ladies played in the 9 hole competition which was won by Florence White with 16 pts.

The weekly Time for Nine was won by Paula McCrory with 19 pts.

There was only one handicap cut for Colette McSorley from 12-10.6.


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