Forty-two ladies played in the Club Stableford competition sponsored by FAB on Thursday 26 September at Co Armagh.

The weather deteriorated throughout the day and by late afternoon torrential rain created virtually impossible playing conditions, with many ladies returning to the shelter of the clubhouse much sooner than they would have expected. As a result, the competition scratch score was 72.

With the Junior Cup team already en route to Knightsbrook, Lady Vice Captain Anne McDonald conducted the prize-giving. The sponsor, Eimear, FAB was unable to attend, however in her absence Lady Vice Captain Anne thanked her for her continued sponsorship.

1st        Maggie McKee             39 pts

2nd        Ellen Brady                   38 pts

3rd        Bernie McBride             37 pts

Cat A    Mary Black                    37 pts

Cat B    Denise Murphy              24 pts

Cat C    Michelle Kinane             32 pts

Cat D    Audrey Kellett               31 pts

Front 9  Sheila Stinson               19 pts

Back 9  Colette McSorley           18 pts

9 hole   Margaret Marjoram       21 pts

Worthy of note is that Ellen Brady’s score was achieved in the afternoon in horrendous weather, whilst a number of the other competitors, including Maggie McKee, Bernie McBride, and Mary Black had all played on the alternative day ie the Saturday previous in much more favourable playing conditions.

Both Erin Connolly and Helen McLaughlin recorded 2s at the 7th and birdies were recorded for Ellen Brady at the 2nd, Colette McSorley at the 4th and Paula McCrory at the 6th.

There were handicap cuts for Mary Black 15-14.4, Ellen Brady 7.8-7.2, Bernie McBride 31-29.7, Maggie McKee 21-19.9 and Margaret Marjoram 30-28.3.

Club Stableford 26 September 2019
Back L-R: Bernie McBride, Margaret Marjoram and Audrey Kellett
Front L-R: Maggie McKee, Lady Vice Captain Anne McDonald and Ellen Brady