(Sponsored by Parkland Restaurant)

18 HOLES – 51 played (including 7 visitors).
1st place
Rita Mone
37 points

2nd place
Michelle Kinane
36 points (beating Aoife Lennon on countback)
3rd place
Aoife Lennon
36 points
June Humphries
24 gross points
4th place
Helen McLaughlin
34 points (beating Lynne Brown on countback)
J Rainey
31 points
Cat A
Alexandra Mawhinney
32 points (beating S Donnelly & T McVeigh on countback)
Cat B
Vera Ellingham
33 points
Cat C
Lynne Brown
34 points
Cat D
LC Anne McDonald
26 points (beating A O’Hea and L Duffy on countback)
Front 9
LVC Karen Edgar
19 points
Back 9
Teresa McVeigh
18 points (beating D Murphy on countback)
9 HOLES – 24 played.
1st place
Sylvia Ashe
19 points
2nd place
Maria-Claire Quinn
18 points (beating Rene Calvert on countback)
3rd place
Rene Calvert
18 points
Brigid McEneaney 4 @ 12th Michelle Kinane 4 @ 12th Ellen Brady 4 @ 12th Bernie Rice 3 @ 6th Aoife Lennon 3 @ 6th Alexandra Mawhinney 3 @ 14th and 4 @ 16th

(Pictured below are some of the prize winners with Lady Captain Anne McDonald, Lady Vice Captain Karen Edgar and Brenda Knipe representing the sponsor of the competition Parkland Restaurant.
Congratulations to all the prize winners and thank you to the competition sponsor Parkland Restaurant)


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