24th June

18 holes 38 played
1st place Gladys Villers Nett 71
2nd Place Ellen Brady Nett 71
3rd Place Teresa Mcveigh 72 beating Lorriane Megaw and Ann O Reilly on countback

Cat A
Lily McMullan Nett 723beating Emma Garrigan on countback
Cat B
Maggie McKee Nett 73 beating Colette McAleavey on countback
Cat C
Lorriane Megaw Nett 72 beating A Oreilly on countback
Cat D
Anne Black Nett 73

Front 9 Denise Murphy Nett 32
Back 9 Colette McAleavey Nett 38 beating Emma Gerrigan on countback

2s Teresa McVeigh and 2@7th and 2@13th 2@11th

9 holes 9 played
1st Augusta Jennings 17 points beating K Steenson on countback

Congratulations to all the prize winners


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