Thursday 17th June

18 Holes-63 played

1st Place Jacqueline Kelly 41 points
2nd place Catherine Murray 39 points
3rd Place Gladys Villiers 38 points

Cat A Teresa McVeigh 37 points
Cat B Maggie McKee 35 points ( beating U Cullinane and V Gordon on countback
Cat C Lynnne Brown 37 points (beating B Mcbride on countback).
Cat D Lena Duffy 35 points ( beating B Teahan on countback).

Front 9 Bernie McBride 24 points
Back 9 ( Lorraine Megaw 19 points

9 Holes 21 played
1st Marie-Claire Quinn 23 points
2nd Cathleen Mone 21 points
3rd Margaret Oakes 20 points

Teresa McVeigh 3@4th<br< a=""> />Geraldine Rafferty </br<>3@17th<br< a=""> />Aoife Lennon </br<>4@10th>

Lorraine Megaw
2@11th, Paula McCrory 2@11th, Brigid McEneaney 2 @11th,
Julie McCarten 2@3rd, Maggie McKee 2@9th, Catherine Murray 2@7th, Catherine McAnerney 2@3rd.

Congratulations to all the prize winners and massive thanks to Will the golf professional for his sponsorship and complimentary drink following the round. Much appreciated by all.


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