Thirty-seven ladies played in the Club Stableford at Co Armagh on Thursday 24 September when the Competition Standard Scratch was 70.

Ellen Brady won the competition with a fantastic 40 pts, 2 points clear of Paula McCrory who had 38 pts. Lena Duffy was third with 37 pts.

Cat A Bernie Rice 35 pts
Cat B Rita Mone 36 pts
Cat C Jacqueline Kelly 36 pts
Cat D Sylvia Ashe 32 pts

Julie McCartan won the Front 9 with 19 pts and June Humphries won the Back 9 with 17 pts.

A further 8 ladies played in the 9-hole competition which was won by Denise Murphy with 21 pts.

There were 2s for Lynne Brown at the 3rd, Sheila Stinson at the 7th and Ellen Brady and Paula McCrory at the 9th.

Flo McCall recorded a birdie at the 2nd.

There were handicap cuts for Ellen Brady 8-7.0; Paula McCrory 9-8.4 and Denise Murphy 21-20.0.


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