The Golf Club, and other hospitality venues, have been sent a letter from ABC Council (CLICK HERE TO VIEW) and the PSNI. We have been asked to reinforce the importance of adherence to Covid19 regulations in order to combat a recent increase in case numbers.


The letter from ABC Council (CLICK HERE TO VIEW) is self explanatory and covers a number of matters. As far as members and guests are concerned, the principal requirements are as follows.

• The Club is required to maintain records of customers for a period of 21 days for the purposes of Track and Trace. Use of member's GUI, ILGU or Golf Ireland cards will assist the Club in this objective. Where customers, including members wish to pay by cash or debit card, staff have been asked to obtain contact details including name and telephone number. Restaurant staff may also request contact details from a member of a dining party.

• All customers of the Bar and Restaurant are required to wear face coverings unless seated at their tables.

• The maximum number of patrons permitted at a table is 6 (excluding children under 12) unless those seated are from the same household in which case the maximum number permitted is 10.

• All food and drink must only be ordered and consumed by patrons while they are seated at their table.

• Movement within the Clubhouse should be restricted to entering and exiting, using the toilets or making a payment at the Dining room till.

All members, and their guests are requested to observe these regulations and to respect the staff, Club officers or others who have been asked to ensure compliance.

By order of Council.