1st D McKeever, J Hagan, T Davidson, K Mullan ........56.3 

2nd P Doyle, M Cullen, T Fox, K Campbell ................57.6

3rd B McKinney, A Magwood, M Oliver, F McKinney .. 57.8


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Earlybirds scramble win

When many where still enjoying a Sunday morning ly-in, earlybirds Derek McKeever, Jarlath Hagan, Tony Davidson and Kieran Mullan were shooting their way to a Four-ball Scramble victory.

One tenth of the combined handicaps had teams chasing birdies from the outset and it was a magnificent seven which saw Derek and colleagues claim the top prize.

Three birdies from the first four holes set them on their way and they added a further two before the halfway stage. On the homeward trek consistent par scoring with yet another two birdies brought a gross total of 63 and with their combined handcap of 6.7, their 56.3 nett was always going to be hard to beat.

Paul Doyle, Michael Cullen, Tom Fox and Kieran Campbell certainly gave them a run for their money with a half-dozen birdies in their round bringing them a gross total of 62. But it was the 4.4 handicap which proved the difference and a nett 57.6 score could only secure them second prize.

Marty Oliver, Alan Magwood, Fergal and Brendan McKinney missed out on that second prize by the narrowest of margins - just point two, returning a 57.8 nett score with a 6.2 combined handicap.