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County Armagh Golf Club Northern Ireland

County Armagh Golf Club Northern Ireland

Women - News & Results

68 Ladies Played      CSS 70

Congratulations to Emma Oliver who equalled her own Course Record witha fabulous 17 pars and 1 birdie.

1st Emma Oliover 42pts

2nd Barbara Gartland 39pts

3rd Karen Edgar 39pts

Gross Ellen Brady 28


Cat A Geraldine Rafferty 38pts

Cat B Aideen Canavan 35pts

Cat C Lorraine Abbott 35pts

Cat D Donna Carolan 39pts

Par Lady M Compston

36er T Burke


Birdies G Rafferty @ 14th 7 15th, E Oliver @ 12th, C Mc Call & 2nd & 16th, M Pender @ 7th, A Mc Grath @ 7th, S Hughes @ 3rd, V Gordon @ 4th, B Gartland @ 12th, L Hugher @ 3rd, & I Lutton @ 2nd.

Handicap Reductions

G Rafferty 14-13, D Carolan 30-31, E Oliver 5-4

98 ladies played    CSS 69      

Visitors from Banbridge, Moyola Park, Masserene & Kilkeel

1st Teresa Mc Veigh 43pts

2nd Hilary Johnston 42pts

3rd Jacqueline Kelly 42pts

Gross Emma Oliver 33 gross stbfd points

4th Siobhan Donnelly 41pts

5th Karen Edgar 40pts

Visitor Anne Marie Canavan 36pts Banbridge

Cat A Barbara Hamilton 36pts

Cat B Irene Lutton 40pts

Cat C Fionnula Quinn 40pts

Cat D Aideen Mc Reynolds 38pts


Back 9 Anne Mc Elroy 23pts

Front 9 Marian Watts 21pts

2,s P Mc Crory @7th, E Brady @ 13th, C Mc Call @ 9th, H Johnston @ 13th, R Calvert @ 13th, C Mc Kinney @ 11th


Handicap Reductions

I Lutton 21-20, H Johnston 20-19, J Kelly 36-34, F Quinn 29-28, T Mc Veigh 12-11, S Donnelly 20-19, K Edgar 20-19

1st P Wasson & A Mc Grath

2nd J Mc Reynolds & A Canavan

3rd A Mc Donald

71 Ladies played                         CSS 70


1st Anne Murphy nett 65

2nd Marie Digby nett 67

3rd Valerie Gordon nett 68

Gross Ellen Brady 79


Cat A T MC Veigh 69

Cat B E Fitzsimons 72

Cat C B Mc Eneaney 70

Cat D E Grimes 69

Back 9 M Knott nett 35

Front 9 F Davidson nett 28.5


Par Lady S Hughes 72

36 M Watts 76




L O Donoughue @13th, D Brown @ 7th, N Donnelly @ 7th, H Johnston @ 7th, V Gordon @ 15th, G Rafferty @ 15th, B Rice @ 7th, B Gartland @ 3rd & 12th, K Edgar @ 12th T Mc Veigh @ 4th & 7th.

Handicap Reductions

V Gordon 16-15, A Murphy 31-29, M Digby 25-24, E Grimes 32-31

1st Ann McDonald 45pts

2nd Karen Edgar 42pts

3rd Myrtle Rhodie 42 pts

23 ladies played on a pleasant sunny day and the competition for the prizes was very hotly contested.

Ann McDonald claimed the top spot with an excellent 45 points which included a birdie at the par 5 eight hole. Her playing partners were left fighting it out for the other prizes on offer and Karen Edgar just pipped Myrtle Rhodie into second place with a better back nine on 42 pts.

73 Ladies played                              CSS 70


1st Bee Gordon nett 66

2nd Lorraine Abbott nett 67

3rd Teresa Mc Veigh nett 67


Gross Ellen Brady 79


Cat A Paula Mc Crory nett 70

Cat B Aideen Canavan nett 69

Cat C Patricia Hughes nett 67

Cat D Brenda Loughran Nett 70


Back 9 Joan Lappin nett 35.5

Front 9 Karen Edgar nett 31


Par Lady Ann Attwell nett 76

36er Dorothy Harris nett 75


S Donnelly @ 7th, A Mawhinney @ 3rd, T Mc Veigh @ 6th & 11th, E Brady @ 10th, P Mc Crory @ 5th, G Rafferty @ 17th, B Gartland @ 7th, R Calvert @ 7th, A Black @ 18th, U Cullinane @ 11th.


Handicap Cuts

B Gordon 23-21, L Abbott 27-26, T Mc Veigh 13-12, P Hughes 30-28, M Black 29-28

1st Paula Mc Crory/Teresa Mc Veigh/Ann Conlon 83pts

2nd Pauline Vallely/Moya Brady/Rea Haughey 81pts

3rd Geraldine Rafferty/Aideen Canavan/Donna Carolan 81pts


Timesheet now available. Please put names down as soon as possible as numbers are limited.

63 Ladies played     CSS 70

1st Denise Murphy 43pts

2nd Kathleen Mallon 41pts

3rd Rea Haughey 39pts


Cat A June Humphries 35pts

Cat B Kathleen Leer 36pts

Cat C Grace Mc Gowan 39 pts

Cat D Anne Murphy 37pts


Back Nine Elizabeth Mawhinney 22pts

Front Nine Joy Steenson 22pts

Par Lady Eilish Grimes 35pts

36er Dorothy Harris 35pts


Handicap Cuts

K Mallon 32-30, R haughey 25-24, D Murphy 23-21, G MC Gowan 27-26

American Greensomes Stableford


1st Bernie Rice & Geraldine Rafferty 42pts


2nd Lesley O Donoghue & Toni Mc Manus 40pts


3rd Brigid Mc Eneaney & Sheila Stinson 40pts


Winners go to Edenmore for regional qualifying on 5th August

129 ladies played   CSS 71

1st Mary Black  nett 64

2nd Mary Mc Elvanna 65

Gross Emma Oliver 79

Cat A Francis Davidson 69 nett

Cat B Colette Mc Aleavey 67nett

Cat C Lorraine Megaw 66 nett

Cat D Maura M Coy 69 nett


Past Lady Captain Anne Mone 72

Committee Gail Steed 71

Front 9 Vera Ellingham 36

Beack 9 Eileen Steenson 30

Putting Majorie Compston 33 putts

Senior Lady 9 hole Claire Mc Kernan

36 Handicapper Dorothy Harris

Lady Visitor Angela Mc Bride 17pts

Mens Prize Stephen Mc Garvey 30 nett

Juvenile Girlsd 18 Holes Loiuse Cullen 34pts

Juvenile Girls 9 Holes Sinead Oliver

Juvenile Boys White Markers John Maguire nett 66

Juvenile Boys Blue Markers James Thompson nett 70

Handicap Cuts

M Mc Coy 36-34, D Murphy 25-23, K Loye 13-12, M Mc Elvanna 31-28, M Black 33-29, F Davidson 18-17, A Corr 28-27, C Mc Aleavey 20-19, S Ashe 35-33, L Megaw 25-23, V Ellingham 28-26.