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County Armagh Golf Club Northern Ireland

County Armagh Golf Club Northern Ireland

Men - News & Results

1st Paul G Doyle nett 66

2nd Gary McDonald nett 68 (back 9)

Category 1

1st Sean Dougan nett 68

2nd Brian Loney nett 69

Category 2

1st Laurence Corr nett 69

2nd Brendan Lynch nett 71

Category 3

1st Turlough Brady net 72 (back 9)

2nd Jason Yau nett 72 (back 9)

Prize vouchers can be collected from the Pro Shop

Competitions Convenor 2017

There was a certain appropriateness in the Bankers' Cup being carried off by another financial professional, Paul Pender.

In the stroke competition played at County Armagh Golf Club on 3 June, the Monaghan Mushrooms accountant turned in a quite masterly display that rendered his 181 opponents bankrupt of ideas and enabled lodgement of the sparkling trophy in Pender's 2017 golfing account.

A tally of six over par for the course's five par 3s didn't provide an obvious foundation on which to build a career best gross 75 but, happily for Paul, his short-hole troubles were entirely incongruous with the rest of this tremendous Saturday showing.

County Armagh Golf Club Captain Richard Stewart presents the Bankers' Cup to winner Paul Pender in the company of category prize winners Cormac O'Hare, Lee Campbell and Ciaran McCreesh.

1st John Maguire nett 62

2nd Martin Gill nett 64

3rd Martin Oliver nett 65

4th Kieran Donnelly nett 66

5th Gary McCourt nett 67 (back 9)

6th Nigel McMahon nett 67

7th Paddy Burns nett 68 (back 9)


1st Shea Brady Gross 73

2nd Niall McGurgan Gross 74

Prize giving Saturday 17th June @ 6.30pm.

Competitions Convenor 2017


1st Jarlath McReynolds 40pts

2nd Roger Duggan 39pts (back nine)

3rd Philip Kelly 39pts


Senior Open

1st Alan Wilson 43pts

2nd Rodney Villiers 41pts (back nine)

3rd Eric Villiers 41pts


Prize Vouchers will be available for collection in Pro Shop

Competitions Convenor 2017


If there was a league table ranking families on the basis of accolades accrued at County Armagh Golf Club this season, the Grimley clan would surely have already built an insurmountable lead at its summit.

With brothers Kieran, David and Bernard already knee-deep in honours over recent months — even going toe-to-toe with one another for prizes on occasion — Martin added to the deadly quartet's plentiful 2017 plunder by securing victory in the Sunday stableford competition  on 28 June .

Starting the day playing off a handicap of 16, Martin posted pars at the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 8th before a double bogey at the often troublesome 9th checked his progress slightly.

Nevertheless, that six-over-par front nine provided the All-Ireland Four-Ball Trophy stalwart with a useful platform from which to launch a potentially tournament-triumphing assault on the back nine.

County Armagh's penultimate par 3: the 11th, Shambles.

Despite a hectic current schedule that sees his weeknights filled with meetings, his weekends spent following the club's teams the length and breadth of the Province and almost every other waking moment consumed with other club duties, notably preparations for his big day  on 24 June, Captain Richard Stewart still managed to squeeze in competition glory at County Armagh Golf Club.

In the Open Stroke sponsored by Hillview Lodge Driving Range on Saturday 27 May, Richard produced a career best gross 77 to seal victory by a single stroke from the red-hot Christopher Lester.

Six outward pars enabled Stewart to reach the turn in 37 blows before he went into overdrive early in his back nine.

Birdie fours at the 10th and 12th mingled agreeably with pars at the 11th, 13th and 14th as the then 14-handicapper found himself just one over par with four holes remaining.

It's entirely understandable for anyone to become a tad edgy at such a highly promising juncture and, indeed, Richard somewhat stumbled over the finish line.

However, El Capitano wouldn't be denied a stunning nett 63, which was even more impressive considering the blustery and showery conditions with which he had to cope. His red-letter day means a handicap snip to 12 and ought to put an increased spring in his step for the further busy days and nights ahead.

Gary Baird of Hillview Lodge Golf Driving Range presents County Armagh Golf Club Captain Richard Stewart with the winner's prize for the recent Open Stroke Competition. Also pictured are John Maguire (2nd gross) and Conor McAneney (3rd nett).

1st Davy Baird 42 points

2nd Lee Kirrane 40 points (back 9)

Category 1

1st Ian Millar 40 points

2nd John Maguire 38 points

Category 2

1st Derek Hynes 39 points

2nd Gerard Kelly 38 points

Category 3

Jim Carberry 36 points (back 9)

2nd Dermot O'Neill 36 points

Prize giving Saturday 10th June @ 6.30pm

All prize winners are requested to attend.

Competitions Convenor 2017

1st Paul Pender nett 63

2nd Patsy Hegarty nett 64 (back 9)

Category 1

1st Cormac O'Hare nett 64 (back 9)

2nd Lee Campbell nett 64

Category 2

1st Oliver Connell nett 66 (back 9)

2nd Jamie Calvert nett 66

Category 3

1st Ciaran McCreesh nett 65

2nd Paul Rice nett 66

Gross Philip Kelly Gross 68

Prize Giving Saturday 10th June @ 6.30pm

All prize winners are requested to attend

Competitions Convenor 2017


Since remarkable back-to-back competition wins on the second weekend of April, Neill Dowzell had been absent from the prizewinners' enclosure as his golfing fortunes returned to earth with the rest of us.

However, the Caledon native is back with a vengeance, emerging triumphant in the stableford competition played at County Armagh Golf Club on 21 May.

In an accomplished 77-stroke round, Dowzell racked up no fewer than 12 tidy pars, including a stunning six on the bounce to conclude proceedings and simultaneously dash the hopes of his 96 rivals on the day.

His 41-point scorecard also showed five acceptable bogeys, with a seven at the notorious 10th the only genuine blot on his highly meritorious Sunday copybook.

Although now playing off 11 as a result of his repeated tournament-winning antics, Neill is clearly an individual who knows how to get the job done and few would be surprised to see him taste further success in some of the prestigious fixtures on the horizon.

The penultimate test at County Armagh Golf Club: the 17th hole, Fairy Thorn.


1ST Jarlath McReynolds 42PTS

2ND Stewart Hall 40pts.

3rd Dwayne Houston 38pts.9back nine)


Senior Open

1st Paul Doyle 39pts.(back three)

2nd Brian Liddy 38pts.(back nine)

3rd Cormac O'Hare 38pts.(back nine).

Prize vouchers will be left in Pro. shop 

He'd been knocking on it for weeks as he collected a series of category prizes and, finally, the door to overall competition success was opened to Gary McAleavey in County Armagh Golf Club's May Medal.

In the strokeplay event held on Saturday 20 May, Gary carded an unbeatable nett 63 to seal victory by two clear shots from the rest of the 167-strong field.

Seven fine pars and the bonus of a brilliant birdie up on Rokeby Green provided the backbone of McAleavey's May masterclass, which has resulted in a well-earned handicap reduction from 21 to 19.

May Medal winner Gary McAleavey is presented with his prize by Eileen Stewart, manager at Armagh Business Centre, who sponsored the competition, and daughter Nicola Stewart. Also pictured are category winner Michael Grant and Club Captain Richard Stewart.