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County Armagh Golf Club Northern Ireland

County Armagh Golf Club Northern Ireland

Men - News & Results

Winner -  Stephen Weir 61 nett

Runner-up -  Gerry Kelly 62 nett

Category 1

1st Mark Loughran 65 nett

2nd Gerry McGreesh 66 nett

Category 2

1st Leo King 63 nett

2nd Martin Murphy 64 nett 

Category 3

1st Gary Lappin 63nett

2nd Eamon Mallon 63 nett


Newcomer Stephen strokes ahead of the field

Club newcomer Stephen Weir was the model of consistency as he produced a nett 61 to win the Chest Heart and Stroke competition on Saturday.

After nine holes of the charity event he was just five over, with a string of pars blemished only by a double bogey seven at the par five eighth hole. He unfortunately repeated that double bogey seven at the tenth but recovered impressively to add a further four pars and a birdie two at the 13th to complete his winning round nett 61.

Gerry Kelly was in similar good form and will have been delighted with his nett 62 finish to take the runners up prize.

Five-handicapper Mark Loughran however, was the outstanding player of the day, one over after nine and returning a nett 65 to claim the honours in the low handicap category. Gerry McCreesh's nett 66 earned him a deserved second place in the same category.

Leo King will have been kicking himself after a triple bogey six at the par three third hole - his nett 63 finish earned him the top prize in category two - but there could have been so much more to celebrate, especially considering he carded three double bogey holes on his back nine. Martin Murphy picked up second prize in the same category with a nett 64 finish after shooting a par back-nine.

And a birdie three at the second hole inpsired Gary Lappin to a winning round in category three with a nett 63, his back nine edging it in front of Eamon Mallon who also returned a nett 63.

Prizes can be collected in the Professional'S Shop  


Get your name down now!

Entries for club cup competitions - individual and pairs - are now open and golfers are encouraged to get their names down before the April 8th closing date.

The Smith Cup for those playing off handicaps 0-12, the Gray Cup for 13-18 handicappers and the Neville Cup for 19-plus handicappers will get underway in April. The Charlemont Cup for pairs will also be run alongside the individual events.

Players can enter their names on the respective competition sheets on the club notice board and make payment - £3 for individual competitions and £6 for the Charlemont Cup - in respective competition envelopes to be found in the changing rooms.

Full handicap differences will apply for all of the individual competitions while for the Charlemont Cup it will be three-quarters the difference from the low man. All competitions will be played from white markers. For further information check the club notice board.

After the draws on April 8, rounds for all competitions must be completed as follows:

Preliminary Round - by April 24

First Round - by 29 May

Second Round - by 26 June

Third Round - by 17 July

Quarter-Finals - by 7 August

Semi-Finals - by 28 August

Finals - by 18 September

1st D McKeever, J Hagan, T Davidson, K Mullan ........56.3 

2nd P Doyle, M Cullen, T Fox, K Campbell ................57.6

3rd B McKinney, A Magwood, M Oliver, F McKinney .. 57.8


Prizes will be added to the players account in the Professional's Shop.


Earlybirds scramble win

When many where still enjoying a Sunday morning ly-in, earlybirds Derek McKeever, Jarlath Hagan, Tony Davidson and Kieran Mullan were shooting their way to a Four-ball Scramble victory.

One tenth of the combined handicaps had teams chasing birdies from the outset and it was a magnificent seven which saw Derek and colleagues claim the top prize.

Three birdies from the first four holes set them on their way and they added a further two before the halfway stage. On the homeward trek consistent par scoring with yet another two birdies brought a gross total of 63 and with their combined handcap of 6.7, their 56.3 nett was always going to be hard to beat.

Paul Doyle, Michael Cullen, Tom Fox and Kieran Campbell certainly gave them a run for their money with a half-dozen birdies in their round bringing them a gross total of 62. But it was the 4.4 handicap which proved the difference and a nett 57.6 score could only secure them second prize.

Marty Oliver, Alan Magwood, Fergal and Brendan McKinney missed out on that second prize by the narrowest of margins - just point two, returning a 57.8 nett score with a 6.2 combined handicap.



1st B McGuigan, NP MGeown, B Liddy, G McCreesh   nett 58  (best back nine)

2nd M Loughran, P Loughran, I Loughran, C Aneney  nett 58

3rd B Hughes, P Hughes, H McEneaney, A McEneaney nett 60 (best back nine)

Prizes will be added to your account in the Professional's Shop


Hair we go Gerry! 

Sporting a new hairstyle - or is it a hat! - Gerry McCreesh led his team to victory in the Fourball Eclectic competition on Saturday.

However, team mates Brian McGuigan, Niall McGeown and Brian Liddy had something more than Gerry's new barnet to smile about when they totted up their scores after their round. A nett 58 was to secure them first prize.

Gerry and Co's nett 29 over the front nine holes and a simlar 29 on the back was the difference between first and second, with Paddy Loughran, sons Mark and Ian, with Conor McAneney also returning a nett score 58. They shot a nett 26 over the front nine holes but a nett 32 on the back meant a runners up prize.

Brothers Brian and Paul Hughes, Hugh and Anthony McAneaney were also back in the prizes and with a nett 60 theirs was a deserved third.





Men's Stableford

1st G Gillespie                 43pts

2nd L King                      42pts

3rd I Millar                       39pts

4th J Mawhinney              39pts

5th I Beaddie                  39pts

1st   Ciaran Black              44pts

2nd Gary McCourt           42pts

3rd  Kenny Richardson     41pts (best back nine)

 Prizes can be collected in the Professional's Shop


Ciaran is clear winner 

Ciaran Black was the clear winner of the Club Stableford on Sunday with 44 points in somewhat difficult conditions.

The previous day's snow and continuing rain showers didn't make it easy for any of the reduced field, but Ciaran stomped his way to an impressive 24 points over the front nine and added a further 20 on the return trek for his winning score.

Gary McCourt pushed him all the way but was forced to settle for second prize with 42 points. Gary also chalked up 24 points on the front nine with back-to-back birdies at the sixth and seventh holes, but back-to-back bogeys at 11 and 12 proved costly and he was able to add only a further 18 points for his back nine.

Kenny Richardson showed some of his old form to collect third prize with 41 points. With 19 points accumulated on the outward trek, he produced one of the best back nines of the day to add a further 22 points.






Competition Convenor Davy Baird is determined to mix it up for County Armagh golfers and this Saturday he has planned a Greensomes event with a twist.

It's a pairs competition with the handicap half the combined handicap of the partners. Both players drive of the tee then pick the best drive and play alternative striokes until the hole is completed.

The twist is, each player must have a minimum of six drives. It's also a Stroke competition. Good Luck!



1st R Stewart                44pts (best back nine)

2nd J Palmer                 44pts

3rd R Digby                   43pts

4th M Gillen                   42pts

5th F Smyth                        42pts

Prizes can be collected in the Professional's Shop


Stewart's making headlines again

Richard Stewart's double bogey six at the last hole could so easily have cost him dearly in Sunday's Club Stableford, but by that stage he'd already secured enough points over his back nine to claim the competition's first prize.

His 23 points on the inward trek - along with 21 from the front nine - was enough to clinch it ahead of the ever consistent Johnny Palmer, who also returned 44 points.

A birdie two at the ninth hole and a birdie three at the 15th were the highlights of Richard's round. Johnny on the other hand had three brides - at the second, ninth nd 18th.

Ruari Digby picked up third prize with 43 points, 20 on the front nine and 23 on the back where he had a birdie two at the 11th hole.

Mark Gillen was also back in the prizes taking fourth with 42 points, recording 20 on the outward trek including a birdie two at the 7th hole, and 22 points over the back nine with a birdie three at the 17th.

And with some very consistent scoring throughout his round, F Smyth picked up the final prize on the day with 42 points.





1st D Hughes P Wasson R Digby P Haughey    90pts

2nd P Hughes B Hughes J McKenna H McEneaney  89pts

3rd M Crozier I Millar A Steed G Macartney 89pts

4th K Edgar I Holmes M Elliot A Rennie 88pts

Prizes will be added to players account in the Professional's Shop.


No confusing Team Classic winners

The Team Classic competition may have left a lot of golfers scratching heads over scores, but there was no confusing the winning team of Denis Hughes, Paul Wasson, Ruari Digby and Paudie Haughey.

Despite the odd correction here and there on their master card, their final score of 90 points was very clear indeed and deservedly clinched them the top prize.

The competition format involved recording the best single score from the team over the first six holes, the best two scores from the team over the next six holes and the best three scores from the team at the remaining six holes.

Paul and Brian Hughes, Joe McKenna and Hugh McEneaney pushed the winners all the way and finsihed with 89 points to secure second prize.

The cricketers, Kenny Edgar, Mark Elliott and Andrew Rennie, joined by Ivan Holmes, claimed third prize with 88 points.And Mickey Crozier, Ian Millar, Andy Steed and Geoffrey McCartney claimed the final prize of this fun competition.



1st Paul Corvan              44pts

2nd Paddy Darragh         43pts

3rd Ciarn Black               42pts

Prizes can be collected in the Pro's Shop.


Paul Corvan up the opposition

Paul Corvan established the basis for his winning score in the Sunday Club Stableford with a very impressive 24 points over the front nine holes.

It didn't get off to a brilliant start on the back nine though, with a double bogey at the tenth hole. But he quickly returned to that consistent scoring to add a further 20 points for a winning score of 44 points.

Paddy Darragh might well have been thinking along the same lines when he counted his front nine score of 23, but double bogey's at the second and ninth holes almost certainly cost him. He too carded 20 points on the back nine for his 43 points total and second prize.

And with a reduced field for this competition Ciaran Black was delighted to find himself in the prizes with 42 points - and that was without scoring at the 11th and 12th holes!