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County Armagh Golf Club Northern Ireland

County Armagh Golf Club Northern Ireland

Men - News & Results

1st Niall McGeown nett 65

2nd Mark Frazer nett 66

Category 1

1st Niall Brady nett 68

2nd Brain Hughes nett 68

Category 2

1st Declan McReynolds nett 69

2nd Kieran Campbell nett 70

Category 3

1st Terry Hamilton nett 68

2nd Richard Stewart nett 71

Best Gross: Craig Talbot 73

County Armagh Golf Club Captain Tom Calvert is pictured with May Medal competition winners (from left) Richard Stewart, Brian Hughes, Niall McGeown and Declan McReynolds.


Niall untouchable for May Medal win

Niall McGeown booked his place in the Club Championship after winning the May Medal on Sunday with an untouchable nett 65 score.

Swirling breezes made for difficult conditions throughout the qualifier, but Niall's steady scoring secured the coveted medal prize. Four over after nine holes, Niall used up just a further three shots of a his 12 handicap over the back nine. A birdie three at the course's most difficult 16th hole surely signalled a prize on the day.

Mark Frazer picked up second prize with a superb 66 off his 11 handicap. He was four over after nine holes and in similar fashion to Niall, used up just a further three shots of his handicap on the homeward trek. He too had a birdie - at the par five 12th hole.

Missed putts cost Master Niall Brady on his steady-scoring round but he still secured first prize in Category 1 with a nett 68. Brian Hughes' triple bogey at the last hole was even more costlier but he took the runners up prize in the same category with a nett 68.

Late-finishing Declan McReynolds picked up first prize in Category 2 with a nett 69 and Kieran Campbell, despite a triple bogey at the 8th hole, took the runner-up prize.

In Category 3 it was Terry Hamilton who emerged the winner with a nett 69 and Richard Stewart crept in for second prize with a nett 71, the highlight of his round birdie twos at the 11th and 15th holes.

Craig Talbot deservedly took the Gross Prize with a gross 73. He was one under after nine holes and but for two double bogeys at the last two holes it could even have been even better.

1st Ryan McVeigh nett 67

2nd Winston Gordon nett 67

Category 1

1st Darren Hughes nett 68

2nd Gerry McCreesh nett 68

Category 2

1st Martin Murphy nett 69

2nd Noel Murtagh nett 69

Category 3

1st Gary Lappin nett 69

2nd L Ross nett 69

Best Gross: Conal Hamill 75

Presentation of prizes will take place on Sat 21st May @ 6.30pm. All prize winners are reqested to attend. (please don't wait on a phone call I don't have time) Davy Baird.


Ryan makes winning lodgement for Bankers Cup

Ryan McVeigh's account was in winning order as he lifted the Bankers Cup at County Armagh on Saturday with a nett 67.

Below-par scoring was always going to be at a premium in blustery winds and heavy showers, but 9-handicapper Ryan held it together brilliantly to win the Northern Business Banking sponsored competition. He was four over after nine holes and just a further two over for the back nine where a birdie three a the 14th helped his cause.

Winston Gordon picked up the runners up prize with a similar nett 67, double bogeys at the 16th and 18th holes almost certainly doing him out of the top prize on the day.

Back in the prizes, Darren Hughes settled for a Category 1 win with a very impressive nett 68 off his 8-handicap, and Gerry McCreesh was runner up with a nett 68 also, losing out to Darren on countback.

In Category 2, Martin Murphy found form to win first prize with a nett 69 and Noel Murtagh was just a shot behind with a nett 69 to claim the runner up prize.

And in Category 3 Gary Lappin's nett 69 secured him the top prize ahead of L Ross who also carded a nett 69.

A Gross 75 earned Conal Hamill the Best Gross Prize with a round which saw him just two over after nine holes and and a further three at the finish.

1st Stuart Lee 41pts (24pts back nine)

2nd Gary Lappin 41pts

Front Nine: Ian Beaddie 24pts

Back Nine: Ben Jennett 24pts

1st Miceal McParland nett 66

2nd Kieran Campbell nett 69

Category 1

1st Phil Russell nett 69

2nd Jim Wilson nett 69

Category 2

1st Osisin Gill nett 69

2nd Dessie Cassidy nett 70

Category 3

1st Declan McKee nett 70

2nd F Smyth nett 74

County Armagh Golf Club Captain Tom Calvert is pictured with PGA Competition winners (from left), Declan McKee, Kieran Campbell, Micael McParland, Dessie Cassidy and Philip Russell

PGA Tankard prize for Micael

Playing partners Miceal McParland and Kieran Campbell shared the top prizes in the PGA Tankard competition at County Armagh sponsored by Armagh Oil Company Ltd.

Three shots separated the two 13-handicappers with Micael's 66 nett winning the day. Kieran will however, not be disappointed in picking up the runners up prize with his nett 69.

Birdies at the third and 12th holes were among the highlights of Micael's very consistent round in which he was just two over par at the turn. In contrast Kieran's two triple bogey sevens at the fifth and eighth holes proved his undoing.

Jimmy Wilson's double bogey at the last hole for a nett 69 finish, did him out of the top prize in Category One where Philip Russell's nett 69 (gross 72) won the day.

Osisin Gill won the Category 2 first prize with a nett 69 and Dessie Cassidy who picked up his Hirsh Cup prize just the previous day, obviously enjoyed the experience and with a nett 70 can look forward to collecting the Category 2 runner's up prize this week-end.

In Category 3 Declan McKee's nett 70 was enough to win and F Smyth will be delighted to take the runner's up prize with a nett 74.

1st F Curley nett 62

2nd A McTaggart 64

Category 1

1st P Doyle nett 65

2nd M Gill nett 66

Category 2

1st P Comiskey nett 67

2nd E O'Kane nett 68

Category 3

1st JP Hughes nett 68

2nd T Teahan nett 68

Francis Curley is presented with the Bumble Bee Cup by County Armagh Golf Club Captain Tom Calvert. Included also are competition prize winners Paul Doyle, Tim Teehan and Pat Comiskey

Flyer Francis wins Bumble Bee Cup

Francis Curley got his Bumble Cup competition round off to a flyer on Saturday, opening with two birdies on his way to winning the prestigious trophy.

He added a third birdie at the par four sixth hole before finishing the front nine just one over par. And with some consistent scoring continued on the homeward trek where he used up just a further four shots of his 13 handicap, he was always certain of a prize in the Armatile sponsored competition.

His nett 62 deservedly took the top honours at the end of the day, two clear shots ahead of his nearest rival Andrew McTaggart who recorded a nett 64.

Paul Doyle was also back in the prizes with a very steady round and nett 65 finish earning him the Category One first prize. And Aiden O'Kane's 66 brought him runners up prize.

P Comiskey claimed the Category 2 main prize with a nett 67 with Eamon O'Kane runner up with a nett 68 and sharing in the Two's Pot with birdies at the third and 11th par three holes.

JP Hughes returned a similar 68 nett to win Category 3, his better back nine winning ahead of Tim Teahan who also returned a nett 68.

Ulster Fourball team first round match against North West G.C.

The Ulster Fourball team began the defence of their trophy at home to the Donegal club North West. 

Alongside the usual old guard there were four new players in action to replace the sadly missed absentees from last season’s squad who were unavailable for selection.  All four accompanied by seasoned partners were victorious in their matches, notably Sean McAnenly partnering Gerry Kelly who won 6 & 5 and Anthony Fagan, of Junior Cowdy experience and Kevin Ward who won 3 & 2.  The half-way result was four wins and one defeat with County Armagh nine holes up.

All of the players in the return leg on Sunday 1st May had made the trip to Buncrana to practise, a number of them taking the opportunity of the holiday week to play.   This stood them in good stead as this delightful, tight, tricky links course was very different from our own parkland course. 

The determined home side lead from the front and using their home advantage defeated first pair Kevin Ward and Alan Johnston, winning 4 & 3.  This was countered by County Armagh's experienced pair, Dudley Marjoram and Tim Teahan who had a resounding 6 & 4 victory over a less accomplished North West rear guard.  The intervening pairs, who were a mixture of old and new squad members, battled doggedly to counter their opponents and by holding their matches around all square, denied North West any sizeable wins. 

The matches were called in on the 16th and 17th holes when it was impossible for North West to exceed the County Armagh tally of 11 holes.

1st J O'Neill 41pts

2nd I Beaddie 40pts

Front Nine: Paul (Beano) Kelly 24pts

Back Nine: Patsy Hegarty 22pts


1st Ciaran Black nett 62

2nd Eamon O'Hagan nett 66

Category 1

1st Nat McGeown nett 70

2nd Jim Wilson nett 71

Category 2

1st Brain McGrady nett 67

2nd Dessie Cassidy nett 69

Category 3

1st Ben Simpson nett 69

2nd Martin Kelly nett 69

Presentation of prizes will take place on Sat 7th May at 6.30 pm all prizes winners are requested to attend.


Ciaran lifts Hirsh Cup

Ciaran Black mastered the continuing blustery conditions to lift the Hirsh Cup on Sunday after returning the best score of the week-end - nett 62.

He was four shots ahead of his nearest rival who on the day was schoolmaster Eamon O'Hagan, a winner earlier in the weekly Tuesday Cup competition.

Last year's Smith Cup finalists Jimmy Wilson and Nat McGeown battled it out for the first of the Category prizes and it was runner-up Nat who triumphed on this occasion with a nett 70 to Jim's nett 71.

In Category 2, Brian McGrady's nett 67 was two shots better than Dessie Cassidy on nett 69 and included a birdie finish to bring him back again next week.

And in Category 3 Ben Simpson claimed the first prize with a nett 69, winning on countback from Martin Kelly.








1st George Gillespie nett 63

2nd Neil Monaghan nett 63

Category 1

1st Kenny Edgar nett 67

2nd Niall Brady nett 68

Category 2

1st Fred Hanna nett 69

2nd Colm Shannon nett 69

Category 3

1st Stephen McGarvey nett 65

2nd John Grant nett 70

Best Gross: Neil Cromwell 73

Presentation of prizes will take place on Sat 7th May at 6.30 pm all prize winners are requested to attend.


No trouble for George!

Despite the blustery conditions, George Gillespie encountered little trouble on his way to winning the April Medal on Saturday with an excellent nett 63.

The par three 9th was really the only hole which caused the affable George any bother - he carded a trible bogey six and that after firing his tee shot to the edge of the green! However, three birdies at the 1st, 12th and 14th holes with eight excellent pars saw him claim the honours at the end of the day.

Neill Monaghan with a nett 63 also was runner up on countback - a double bogey six at the 17th hole cost him dearly, although anything less than his triple bogey six at the third hole might also have guaranteed the recent competition winner a return to the winners enclosure.

In the categories, it was Kenny Edgar who led the way with a nett 67 to win Category 1 - ironically it was double bogeys at the par three 9th and 12th holes which cost him. Master Niall Brady was runner up with a nett 68. He was just two over after nine holes but the wheels came off at the 16th where a triple-bogey seven ruined an otherwise excellent card.

Fred Hanna's better back nine - and nett 69 - secured him the first prize in Category 2 where Colm Shannon also returned a nett 69.

And in Category 3 Stephen McGarvey was the clear winner with a nett 65 with John Grant five shots adrift in the runners up spot with a nett 70.

Neill Cromwell's nett 70 deservedly won the Gross Prize on the day.



1st Eamonn O'Hagan 45pts

2nd Patsy Hegarty 43pts

Front Nine: Harold Price 23pts (on countback)

Back Nine: George Monaghan 23pts


1st B Jolly 42points

2nd J Lowe 42points

3rd J Conlon 41points

4th D McKee 41points

5th S Stevenson 40points


Basil tastes sweet success

Basil Jolly's weekly tipple willl have tasted of sweet success as he celebrated winning the Easter Sunday Stableford competition at County Armagh.

His 42 points was the winning score, amassed with 18 and an excellent 24 points respectively over front and back nines.

John Lowe was his nearest rival with 42points, J Conlon, a 6-handicapper, knocked in four birdies - at 2,7,8 and 17, to claim third prize with 41points and Danny McKee with 24 points front nine and 17 back nine,with a 'no-score' at 16, picked up fourth prize.

Stewart Stevenson too was in birdie form at the 6th, 12th, 17th and 18th holes to deservedly make his way onto the prize list with 40 points.